About Us

Affinity Rx is a family owned, personable, independent retail pharmacy.  We have high standards of customer service and strive to outperform chain pharmacy competitors. We realize that not everyone is fortunate enough to afford their medication.  In an effort to help, we have paired up with charity companies to help absorb medication costs.  In addition, we have reduced our prices 20-75% to compete reasonably with our competitors.  To set our business apart, we have implemented "In-Store Charge Accounts" for our patients.  This means, if a patient is unable to pay for their medication on the day of pick-up, we will provide the option for the patient to pay within 30 days.  This way, patients will receive their medication regardless.  Affinity Rx offers free local deliveries within a 15 mile radius and we have the capability to accept electronic prescriptions directly from your doctor.

We pride ourselves on targeting our community of patients who have been overlooked and forgotten.  We are here to instill reassurance that we will fill in the gap and your voice will be heard.  We truly care about your needs.  That is what gives us our drive and determination.  Each customer deserves respect and superb customer service.  Here at Affinity Rx, we offer nothing less!  Please come to visit our store to experience Affinity Rx first hand.  We can't wait to see you!